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About Us

Since time immemorial, a distinct culinary tradition emerged in Bengal based on the availability of local ingredients. The great river systems, heat and humidity combined with fertile soil to allow rice and an abundance of vegetables to thrive; the cornerstone of diet of the Bengali people.

Bengali dishes are carefully prepared according to recipes handed down through generation. These recipes revolve around few particular styles which take into account the basic taste as well as combination of all of them. Rice being the main staple of Bengali palate since ancient time, has remain untouched by currents of changes over centuries and its preparation is always held in high standard.

Since the 15th century after the Mughal landed in India, Bengalis have incorporated many foreign ingredients to fuse them with local ingredients for creating new dishes. The legacy of the Mughal influence can be found in dishes such as kebabs and biryanis. Influence of other unknown peoples can be found in dishes with ingredients which the European traders introduced in late 16th century from the New World like potatoes, tomatoes, green chillies and cashew nuts.

Food has always been a weakness for Bengalis. Any occasion is a party time for us to indulge in lavish food feast. For centuries, we Bengalis have been winners in all the delicacies we have presented to whole of the Indian subcontinent and for past half century in the United Kingdom.

We welcome you to the tables of Nawab of Bengal, the poets Qazi Nazrul Islam and Rabindranath Tagore, whose household recipes have partly inspired us here at Zahid. If you are a little fond of Mozart or Yeats, they will be delighted you came. Eat, drink and be merry!

Bon Appetite!


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    “This is the nicest Indian for miles, every meal I had was perfect! I am coming from Clowne to order a takeaway tonight - it's just lush!”

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    “We had a fantastic night the meal was absolutely amazing we had dopaza, jalfezi & rogaan josh. All the dishes we had were superb!”

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    “We use Zahid regularly, for a take away and the dishes we've had are lovely. We will definitely recommend it!”

Opening Times

Sunday to Thursday: 6pm to 11pm
Friday and Saturday: 6pm to 12am
(Including Bank Holidays)

Telephone: (01246) 558922

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