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Fish Pakora £3.50
Mixed Vegetable Platters
The Chefs selection of vegetarian starters
Vegetable Pakora
Deep fried mixed vegetable nuggets
Vegetable Chat
Spicy stir fried vegetables served in pastry casing
Poneer Tikka
Indian cottage cheese wrapped in green peppers and grilled tandoori
Aloo Chop
Seasoned potatoes fried with spices egg
Garlic Mushroom Chat
Mushroom with garlic and spices in a feather light shell of bread
Mixed vegetables or Meat with fresh herbs and spices, fried in pastry case
Onion Bhaji
Chopped onions, gram flour with spices and fried
Chicken Tikka
Diced chicken marinated in yoghurt, cooked in the tandoor
Chicken Chat
A feather light shell of bread, filled with lightly spiced chicken
Lamb Tikka
Diced Lamb marinated in yoghurt, cooked in the tandoor
Sheek Kebab
Minced Iamb with onions and herbs cooked over charcoal
Mixed Kebabs
Onion Bhaji, Aloo Chop and Sheek Kebab
Prawn Batuda
Stir fried spicy prawns wrapped in pastry
Prawn Puree
Prawn cooked in light spices and fresh cream, served on a pastry casing
Tandoori King Prawns
King Prawns marinated in yoghurt and cooked in the tandoor
King Prawn Butterfly
King prawns deeply fried with eggs and bread crumbs to a crispy taste
King Prawn Bhaji Puree
King Prawns fried with potatoes in light spices
Chicken Pakora
Diced chicken marinated in spices and fried
Dal Puree
Spiced lentils stuffed in pastry casing


Authentic curries can only be made from skilful blending of fresh herbs and spices. Each dish is a unique blend of flavour prepared to order by our chef. The range of 'taste1 spans from the sweetest and mildest flavour to the hot and spicy dishes of the Southern Indian sub-continent.  
Zahid Special
Lamb Poneer Bhuna
Lamb cooked with Indian Cottage Cheese and Chopped Green Chillies
Kebab Kofta Bhuna
Finely minced lamb balls cooked in Bhuna sauce and garnished with sliced ginger
Chingri Aloo Bhuna
King Prawn cooked with potato and crushed chillies
Aloo Poneer Bhuna
Potato cooked with Indian Cottage Cheese & garnished with crushed red chillies
Adrak Lamb
A zesty ginger flavoured curry
Balchao Prawn
Hot and spicy king prawns with red chillies, onion and garlic with a dash of vinegar
Lau Ghost
Lamb cooked with pumpkin
Karahi King Prawn
Cooked with onions, tomatoes and capsicums, garnished with coriander
Karahi Chicken
Cooked with fresh ginger, tomatoes and capsicums, garnished with coriander
Karahi Lamb
Cooked with fresh ginger, tomatoes and capsicums, garnished with coriander
Fish Bhuna
Cooked with roasted tomatoes and green chillies
Tandoori King Prawn Masala
Tandoori King Prawn cooked with tomatoes, green pepper and fresh cream
Tandoori Chicken Masala
Cooked with fresh cream, flavoured with almonds and spices
Tikka Chicken Masala
Cooked with fresh cream, flavoured with almonds and spices
Tikka Bhuna (Chicken or Lamb)
Cooked in a thick sauce with fresh herb and spices
Tikka Dopiaza (Chicken or Lamb)
Boneless Tikka cooked in medium spices with onion, tomatoes and green pepper
Makhani Chicken
Cooked in butter with rich almond sauce
Chicken or Lamb Pasanda
Cooked in rich thick cream, garnished with almonds
Tikka Jalfrezi (Chicken or Lamb)
Cooked with green chillies, onion, peppers and tomatoes
Murgh Charga
Chicken cooked in yoghurt with almonds and sultanas
Chicken Shobuj Masala
Cooked with blended green chillies and coriander
(Chicken or Lamb) Cooked in vegetables with fresh spices and garnished with coriander
Garlic Chicken
Cooked with fresh garlic, pepper, tomatoes and garnished with coriander
Gostaba Tawah
Chicken fillet stuffed with mince meat, cooked with orange, green chillies, garlic and coriander
Gostaba Handi
Chicken fillet stuffed with mince meat, cooked with ground cardamon, garlic and ghee



The tandoor is a traditional clay oven in which skewered meat and fish are cooked over glowing charcoal. The barbecue flavour is enhanced by subtle marinades whilst the high temperature sears the meat to retain its natural succulence. Tandoori dishes are recommended with Nan bread which is cooked to order on the underside of the tandoor. The unique flavour of Chicken Tandoori and Tikka have become familiar and well loved in England in recent years as they have been for centuries in India.

Tandoori Chicken (Half Chicken)
Spring chicken marinated in yoghurt with herbs and spices and cooked in clay oven. Served with salad
Chicken Tikka
Pieces of spring chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices, cooked in clay oven. Served with salad
Lamb Tikka
Chunks of lamb marinated in yoghurt and spices, cooked in clay oven. Served with salad
Tandoori King Prawns
King prawns marinated in yoghurt and spices, cooked in clay oven. Served with salad
Mixed Tandoori
Assorted Tandoori cuisine
Shashlic Chicken or Lamb
Served with grilled onions, tomatoes and green peppers


(Diced pieces cooked in medium spices with balti masala, fenugreek leaf, onion, pepper, tomatoes and fresh coriander)  
Keema Aloo £6.80
Shabzi Poneer £6.20
Chicken £6.50
Lamb £6.50
Prawn £6.80
King Prawn £10.50
Vegetable £5.40


(All Biryani dishes are served with Vegetable Curry Sauce)  
Vegetable Biryani
Vegetables and pulao rice cooked together, garnished with cucumber and tomatoes
Poneer Biryani
Indian cottage cheese
Chicken Biryani
Chicken and pulao rice cooked together, garnished with cucumber and tomatoes
Lamb Biryani
Lamb and pulao rice cooked together, garnished with cucumber and tomatoes
Prawn Biryani
Prawn and pulao rice cooked together, garnished with cucumber and tomatoes
Special Biryani
(Lamb, Chicken or Prawn) Cooked in pulao rice with banana pineapple and spices, garnished with omelette
Tikka Biryani
(Chicken or Lamb) Boneless Tikka and pulao rice cooked together, garnished with cucumber and tomatoes


(All our Chicken dishes are prepared with best quality breast meat)  
Chicken/Lamb Curry
Chicken cooked in medium spices
Chicken/Lamb Madras
Chicken cooked in fairly hot spices
Chicken/Lamb Vindaloo
Very hot cooked with spices
Chicken/Lamb Bhuna
Chicken cooked with herbs and tomatoes, in thick form
Chicken/Lamb with Mushroom
Chicken cooked with mushroom and spices
Chicken/Lamb Dopiaza
Chicken cooked with onions and tomatoes
Chicken/Lamb Korma
Mildly spiced, cooked in coconut and cream
Chicken/Lamb Methi
Chicken cooked with special herbs and tomatoes
Chicken/Lamb Dansak
Persian type curry with lentils and pineapple. Sweet and sour
Chicken/Lamb Sag
Chicken cooked in leaf spinach
Chicken/Lamb Bhindi
Chicken cooked with Bhindi (Okra)
Chicken/Lamb Masala
Chicken cooked in spices with tomatoes, egg and green peppers
Chicken/Lamb Channa
Chicken cooked with chick peas
Chicken/Lamb Rogan Josh
Chicken cooked with tomatoes and spices
Chicken/Lamb with Aubergine £5.90


Prawn Curry
Prawns cooked in medium spices
Prawn & Mushroom
Prawns cooked in mushroom and spices
Prawn Bhuna
Prawns cooked in tomatoes and spices
King Prawn Sag
Large Prawns cooked in leaf spinach
King Prawn Bhuna
Large Prawns cooked with tomatoes and green pepper


Vegetable Curry
Cooked in medium spices
Vegetable Bhuna
Cooked with herbs and tomatoes in a thick form
Vegetable Rogan Josh
Cooked with tomatoes and spices
Vegetable Methi
Cooked with fenugreek
Vegetable Jalfrezi
Cooked in green chillies, onions, peppers and tomatoes
Vegetable Korma
Cooked with fresh cream and coconut
Vegetable Pasanda
Cooked in rich thick cream and almond
Vegetable Makhani £5.40
Vegetable Tikka Masala
Cooked in fresh cream, flavoured with almond and spices
Garlic Vegetable
Cooked with fresh garlic, pepper and tomatoes


(Fresh vegetables cooked in herbs and spices)  
Mixed Vegetables £3.20
Bhindi Bhaji
Bombay Aloo
(Spicy Potatoes)
Ghobi Aloo
(Cauliflower and Potatoes)
Sag Aloo
(Spinach and Potatoes)
Brinjal Bhaji
Mushroom Bhaji £3.20
Chana Aloo
(Chick Peas and Potatoes)
Tarka Dall
(Lentils and Garlic)
Motor Poneer
(Chick Peas Cooked With Cheese and Spices)
Sag Poneer
(Spinach Cooked With Cheese in Cream Sauce)


(Leavened bread cooked in the tandoor)
Peshwari Nan
(With coconut and sultanas)
Garlic Nan
(With fresh garlic)
Keema Nan
(Stuffed with spiced mincemeat)
Chilli Nan
(With fresh green chillies)
Cheese Nan £2.60
Cheese & Garlic Nan £3.10
Cheese & Keema Nan £3.10
Garlic Cheese & Chilli Nan £3.10
Garlic & Keema Nan £3.10
(Unleavened bread fried in Ghee)
Stuffed Paratha
(Stuffed with mixed vegetables)
(Thin soft bread)
Chips £2.00
Dhai Raita
(Yoghurt with onions and cucumber)
(Plain or spiced)
Pickle Tray
(Lime pickle, Mango chutney, Mint sauce & Onion salad)


Plain Rice
(Long grain rice)
Pulao Rice
(Basmati rice with saffron)
Ghee Rice
(Basmati rice, stir fried in Ghee)
Egg Pulao Rice
(Basmati rice, stir fried with egg)
Mushroom Rice
(Basmati rice, stir fried with mushrooms)
Vegetable Rice
(Basmati rice, stir fried with vegetables)
Garlic Rice
(Basmati rice stir fried with fresh garlic)


Caramel Fantastica
Vanilla and caramel ice cream with chocolate balls, toffee pieces and caramel sauce
Coconut Supreme
Coconut ice cream in half coconut shell with coconut pieces
Creamy vanilla ice cream in a free plastic toy
Malai flavoured Indian ice cream specially prepared using exotic ingredients to give its unique flavour
Banoffee Cheesecake
The delicious flavour of banana and toffee combine perfectly in this indulgent cheesecake
Chocolate Orange Bombe
Orange flavoured ice cream with a chocolate centre coated in real Belgian chocolate
Golap Jam with Vanilla Ice Cream
Spongy milky balls soaked in rose scented syrup, served warm
Gajar Halwa with Vanilla Ice Cream
Grated carrots, whole milk, dried fruit and nut, served warm
Tropical Mango
Mango sorbet with coconut ice cream decorated with kiwi, lychee and raspberry
Sticky Toffee Pudding
(Basmati rice, stir fried with egg)Sticky toffee pudding covered with butterscotch sauce


Coffee £2.00
Tea £2.00
Floater Coffee £2.90
Liqueur Coffee £4.10

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